Pathology Reporting Tool Database

A Pathology Reporting tool database for The Royal College of Pathologists Australasia. The FileMaker database provides a means for the pathologist to directly enter the standard proforma data for respective protocols, and output fully detailed reports. The database is a literal adpation of the existing paper proformas used to record pathology reporting data.

Data entry is a mixture of controlled input (radio buttons, checkboxes, pop up value lists) and free text. Where relevant WHO diagnosis classifications are provided as a filtered selectable search.

A subset of questions are regarded as mandatory, and have associated coloured field border flags conditional on the individual field being empty. The complete question answer set for a report may be tested for completion of required mandatory answers by a simple button click that returns a list of empty required fields.

Two types of output reports may be generated from the entered data - formatted and unformatted.

Structured Pathology Reporting of Cancer is an ongoing project of the Royal College of Pathologists Australasia. A number of the published Cancer Protocols have been implemented as a FileMaker database reporting system and are currently (mid 2011) in beta testing:

Pathology Reporting Tool Database